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30°42.0N 97°21.1W
Trinity River Group
surface acres 

avg  =   5 ft
max = 50 ft

 Conservation Pool 
504 ft MSL 

Water Level

VFR Sectional(s)
San Antonio 


 Seaplane Operations: Restricted
  • Landings and takeoffs prohibited in both major arms of  the lake formed by Willis Creek and the San Gabriel River, and in the large, shallow lake area north of a line from the outlet structure to the east tip of the San Gabriel Wildlife Area.
  • Maintain at least 500 feet from shore or structures during takeoffs and landings.
  • Seaplanes may not be operated between sunset and sunrise.
  • See advisory

    None reported.

 Recreational Facilities: 
    Camping, picnic areas, fishing, boat ramps, water skiing, swimming beach. 
    Friendship Park, Taylor Park, Willis Creek Park, and Wilson H. Fox Park.

 Reservoir Controlling Agency:
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (512)859-2668
    3100 Granger Dam Road
    Granger, Texas 76530-5067

Other Links:
    Texas Parks and Wildlife
    Army Corps of Engineers

latest update: 08/19/03 cac